Natural Flushable Cat Litter No. 2! Cat’s Best Nature Gold Wood Cat Litter Review

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Last week I reviewed Cat’s Best Oko Plus Cat Litter which is a brilliant cat litter that lasts forever but it has a huge problem – tracking. Then I found Cat’s Best Nature Gold, which is a different version of the Oko Plu – an upgrade, if you like.

It is made for long haired cats in particular and is devised to not track. I believe this is the specific reason for this product being created.

Natural Flushable Cat Litter No. 2! Cat’s Best Nature Gold Wood Cat Litter Review

This product they say is: Economical, 100% organic fibre, 100% biodegradable, covers odour, and of course does not track or stick to fur.

Downside? It costs more than the original!

One of the big plusses of this cat litter is that like the original, it can be flushed down the toilet – although one must express caution and use common sense when doing this. The last thing you want is a blocked toilet filled with cat poo!

Just remove the main clumps and flush well.

The great thing about this litter is that once you have removed the smelly pieces it doesn’t smell. Whilst some cheaper litters still retain an odour once you’ve remove the poo, this one really doesn’t – it has a pine fresh sort of smell (I won’t say scent!).

It is also dust free. I’d say 98% dust free* – no massive clouds of white flying into the air and covering the surrounding areas. My cats don’t sneeze so much now and I’ve also noticed a difference in my breathing.

*Not scientific

Natural Flushable Cat Litter No. 2! Cat’s Best Nature Gold Wood Cat Litter Review

This version of the Cat’s Best Nature Gold is made up of little regular sized solid pellets. They almost have a smooth feel like they have a covering to them – they are firm, tightly compressed and cylinder shaped. Because of this they are heavier than the Okoplus which is why, perhaps, it doesn’t stick to the fur.

There is little tracking with this product. Just the regular bits outside the litter tray but that’s it! It makes a huge difference.

All of the cats reacted well to this litter, it wasn’t rejected by any of them.

On the downside, this litter lasts a little less than the Okoplus version. So this 20 litre lasts for 3-4 weeks. A 20 litre supply of the Okoplus is more like 6 weeks but for us, the tracking isn’t worth it. If you cat carries very little mess around then you may want to go for the original but for us, this is now our no. 1 litter choice despite the price – it ends up working out the same as buying a new supermarket bag every week!

Natural Flushable Cat Litter No. 2! Cat’s Best Nature Gold Wood Cat Litter Review

Verdict: The best litter we have used and the one we will keep using unless we run out and can’t get hold of more!

Recommended for:

- People who want a biodegradable litter

- People who want a flushable litter

- People who want a longer lasting litter

- People who want a dust free litter

- People who want a good smelling litter

- People who want a litter that doesn’t track

You can buy 10 litre bags for £9.99 for £24.99 for 3 bags

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Jelly Gamat Sirup 05/13/2017 06:33

Thanks nice post okay guys

cute 10/19/2016 18:01

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Vicky 09/08/2016 12:26

I kind of want to try that. My cats have a closed litter box with a top entry because my Newbie used to throw litter everywhere. So now that it’s closed it’s awfully dusty in there, especially after I completely change the litter. I did that a week ago and it’s still full of dust every time I clean it. Poor kitties.

And I am worried of the tracking because of my turkish van’s long butt and paw hair!