Cat Review Johnson’s Sweet Breath Tablets Review by CJ

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Mummy said my breath stinks like tuna and she scrunched her nose up.

Then one day mum brought home this breath tablets by Johnson’s. It has a dog on the front. I don’t like dogs.

Cat Review Johnson’s Sweet Breath Tablets Review by CJ

This sweet breath tablet is green – bright green because mum says it contains chlorophyll and mint. I sniffed it and it made my whiskers twitch – I really, really, really hate mint. My sisters hate mint too whenever I smell my mums breath after she brushed her teeth it makes me shiver.

I would not have this and not one of my sisters or my brother would take it because we all hate mint very much. Mum said it was a waste of money because none of us would eat it tablet and she looked a bit mad and then she gave it away to someone with a dog. Poor dog.

Marks: I gives it 1/5 paws because we all hated it more than we hate worming tablets and those are yukky too.

Love, CJ.

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