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Cat Food for Cats with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease or FLUTD!

Published on by Mommacat

Feline lower urinary tract disease or FLUTD, is extremely common in kitties and can cover a number of conditions such as cystitis, formation of crystals in the bladder and blockage of the urethra.

Cat Food for Cats with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease or FLUTD!

Benny (pictured) suffered from this condition a few months ago and the first most prominent sign (which isn’t even an obvious one!) was that he started peeing in places he shouldn’t, like random spots on the floor, on the sofa (mine are very well toilet trained usually!). There was no evidence of blood or crystals at this stage so we tried the usually things to identify the problem such as:

1. Changing the cat litter

2. Removing the door from the litter tray

3. Removing the fairly new mat from outside the litter tray

4. Giving him food we know he likes

The problem continued sporadically until one day we noticed he had tried to wee on the beanbag and there was a white discharge that came out with it. We thought it was a possible blockage!

So off to the vets we went who confirmed that he was fine to pee (she gave him a very tight squeeze to check!) but she said he did have Cystitis. She explained that the problem was a lot more common in boys than girls because they have narrower tubes! He received an injection to ease the pain and the solution was lots and lots of water.

We have a cooled water fountain which the cats like anyway but I also decided to make a change in the food I gave them. Cats are so fussy with food that I tested a few out with small packets – remember that every cat is different so food my cats don’t like may not be the same as what your cats like or dislike!

Foods which are tailored to cats who suffer from, or are prone to FLUTD or similar symptoms usually are easier to digest and flow through the cats systems so that there is less for their digestive systems to be doing. My friend’s cat also suffers from this condition, but to an extreme level (blood in the urine and crystals which must be controlled) always eats food tailored for the condition without exception.

I am not a vet but I did a lot of research, so here are 4 brands I found, that make cat food for cats suffering from FLUTD to help ease their symptoms.

1. Hills Science Plan Cat Food – For younger cats up to 7 years, try Hill’s Science Plan Feline Adult Sensitive Stomach (developed for cats with a delicate stomach, supports digestion and energy consumption) and for older cats (age 7+) try Hill’s Science Plan Mature Adult Sterilised Cat, which is for neutered cats and has low fat contents, balanced mineral contents for healthy kidney functions.

2. Sanabelle – Unfortunately not easily found on the high street but a good alternative if you don’t mind buying online and your cats won’t eat the other brands. They say, ‘Sanabelle Urinary Cat Food for adult cats with sensitive urinary tracts, reduces stress on the kidneys and abstergent organs, exceptionally tasty and digestible.’

3. Royal Canin - Royal Canin Sterilised 37 is for neutered cats, and helps control the weight. It contains L-Carnitine and promotes a healthy urinal tract.

4. Purina Pro Plan – Try their Pro Plan Cat Adult Chicken & Rice cat food for cats up to 7 years of age – it contains chicken, ‘with Natural Feline Protection and the OptiRenal nutrient mixture for optimal kidney health.’

Specialised food will definitely cost more than high street cat food but the ingredients are usually higher quality and contain more meat and of course, if your pet suffers from this condition, you have to try and ease the symptoms.

I have been trying different brands (because this is a multi cat household I am aware all the cats will end up eating it!) and at the moment Benny has been eating Sanabelle Chicken and thankfully they all like it (I figured an easy to digest kibble cant be a bad thing for any of them!). SO far, touch wood, no conditions have returned and no requirement for more drugs and NO TOILET PROBLEMS!

Has your cat ever suffered from FLUTD? How did you know and how was it treated? Can you recommend any other cat foods?

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A photo of kitty from behind….

Published on by Mommacat

Yuki the cat is quite a big cat – almost 8kg. From behind she has a square shaped butt, and what the other half calls ‘Fur Wings’:

A photo of kitty from behind….

How does your cat look from behind?!

Published on Cat Photos

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Classic Cat Photo Pose No 2: Cat with a folded crumpled over paw!

Published on by Mommacat

How many cat owners recognise this pose?!

It’s the classic cat with a folded over paw image!

Classic Cat Photo Pose No 2: Cat with a folded crumpled over paw!

For some reason, cats seem to be able to sit in weird bendy positions, a quick stretch, and they are back to normal. A crumpled hand or ear is a day of pain for a person!

Does your cat do this pose?

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Sushi Cat :D

Published on by Mommacat

I love this game!

Sushi Cat :D

That cat must rescue his best friend kidnapped by a fat cat, but could not do so until weight gain, for this enters the sushi restaurant to devour everything in.

Published on game, Cat Games, Sushi

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Classic Cat Photo Post: The Cat Yoga Stretch!

Published on by Mommacat

What is it with kitties and their love of stretching!

Cats are amazingly flexible and they never cease to make me laugh at how bendy they are. Mine end up in rather stupid poses, for example, Benny in his leg stretch gym post:

Classic Cat Photo Post: The Cat Yoga Stretch!

The funny thing is he will sit like this for a few minutes before moving!

Do your cats get themselves into any funny poses? If you have any funny photos to share, let me know!

Cat Momma x

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Natural Flushable Cat Litter No. 2! Cat’s Best Nature Gold Wood Cat Litter Review

Published on by Mommacat

Last week I reviewed Cat’s Best Oko Plus Cat Litter which is a brilliant cat litter that lasts forever but it has a huge problem – tracking. Then I found Cat’s Best Nature Gold, which is a different version of the Oko Plu – an upgrade, if you like.

It is made for long haired cats in particular and is devised to not track. I believe this is the specific reason for this product being created.

Natural Flushable Cat Litter No. 2! Cat’s Best Nature Gold Wood Cat Litter Review

This product they say is: Economical, 100% organic fibre, 100% biodegradable, covers odour, and of course does not track or stick to fur.

Downside? It costs more than the original!

One of the big plusses of this cat litter is that like the original, it can be flushed down the toilet – although one must express caution and use common sense when doing this. The last thing you want is a blocked toilet filled with cat poo!

Just remove the main clumps and flush well.

The great thing about this litter is that once you have removed the smelly pieces it doesn’t smell. Whilst some cheaper litters still retain an odour once you’ve remove the poo, this one really doesn’t – it has a pine fresh sort of smell (I won’t say scent!).

It is also dust free. I’d say 98% dust free* – no massive clouds of white flying into the air and covering the surrounding areas. My cats don’t sneeze so much now and I’ve also noticed a difference in my breathing.

*Not scientific

Natural Flushable Cat Litter No. 2! Cat’s Best Nature Gold Wood Cat Litter Review

This version of the Cat’s Best Nature Gold is made up of little regular sized solid pellets. They almost have a smooth feel like they have a covering to them – they are firm, tightly compressed and cylinder shaped. Because of this they are heavier than the Okoplus which is why, perhaps, it doesn’t stick to the fur.

There is little tracking with this product. Just the regular bits outside the litter tray but that’s it! It makes a huge difference.

All of the cats reacted well to this litter, it wasn’t rejected by any of them.

On the downside, this litter lasts a little less than the Okoplus version. So this 20 litre lasts for 3-4 weeks. A 20 litre supply of the Okoplus is more like 6 weeks but for us, the tracking isn’t worth it. If you cat carries very little mess around then you may want to go for the original but for us, this is now our no. 1 litter choice despite the price – it ends up working out the same as buying a new supermarket bag every week!

Natural Flushable Cat Litter No. 2! Cat’s Best Nature Gold Wood Cat Litter Review

Verdict: The best litter we have used and the one we will keep using unless we run out and can’t get hold of more!

Recommended for:

- People who want a biodegradable litter

- People who want a flushable litter

- People who want a longer lasting litter

- People who want a dust free litter

- People who want a good smelling litter

- People who want a litter that doesn’t track

You can buy 10 litre bags for £9.99 for £24.99 for 3 bags

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Flushable Cat Litter: Cats Best Okoplus Clumping Cat Litter Review

Published on by Mommacat

We decided to move from regular Cat’s litter to a natural alternative a few months ago. Up until then, due to the amount of kitties we have we change the litter tray every single day, so we used a cheap basic supermarket litter (which I will review eventually).

I was starting to notice a few things:

1. The amount of dust that conventional cheap cat litter produces

2. How the dust from the litter made the cats sneeze and also affected my breathing

3. How much rubbish the conventional litter produced

After some research I decided to look for a natural, practically dust free, biodegradable litter. I first found Cat’s Best Oko Plus Cat Litter – which is phenomenal cat litter.

Flushable Cat Litter: Cats Best Okoplus Clumping Cat Litter Review
Flushable Cat Litter: Cats Best Okoplus Clumping Cat Litter Review

This litter is flushable, should last three times longer than conventional litter, is 100% biodegradable, is lightweight and can absorb 700% of its own weight in liquid. Sounds impressive, right?

This litter comes in 2 sizes, 10 litres and 30 litres. We bought the smaller bag first and liked it so much we bought the bigger 30 litre bag which worked extremely well and really lasted even in a multi cat household.

Say with conventional litter (like a supermarket version), a 10 litre bag of litter will last 1 week. With the 10 litre bag lasted 3 weeks and 4 days! Amazing!

There was also very little smell with this litter – it absorbs cat wee extremely well.

There seems to be a lot of waste with conventional litter and as mentioned before this can be flushed. DO check that it is ok for you to flush this down your toilet!

Here is what the litter looks like – they’re irregular shaped pellets which product very little or no dust. They feel quite soft and are lightweight and smell of pine:

We had no issues introducing this litter to out cats and they seemed to adapt well to it.

But there is a problem with this product, and it is a big problem – tracking.

What is cat tracking?

When people say that litter ‘tracks’ that means that it has a tendency to drag or follow the cat out of the litter tray. This is usually because it sticks to the cat somehow, to the paws or fur then goes everywhere, thus ‘tracking’ the cat.

The tracking with this litter is ridiculously bad. Within a few days of using this litter, we had little pellets all over the carpet. It was on the bed, it was anywhere the cats would walk. With the long haired cat it was even worse as they clung to her fur.

They also matted the fur on the long haired cat’s paws as they clung to it – no doubt from getting wet then drying again and it was difficult to remove without cutting the fur off.

Flushable Cat Litter: Cats Best Okoplus Clumping Cat Litter Review

This litter has so much going for it – it is ridiculously economical and good for the environment. HOWEVER the tracking was terrible. We did however find a upgraded version of this litter which we will review next week.

This litter is recommended for:

- People who want a economical litter

- People who want a biodegradable litter

- People who want a clumping litter

- People who want a flushable litter

- People with extremely short haired cat

- People who don’t mind hoovering up every day!

Average prices for this is £10 for 10 Litres and £25 for 30 Litres.

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Cat Furball Malt Remedy: Petkin Hairball Lickstick Review

Published on by Mommacat

The first time you see your fur baby cough up hairball it can be rather scary – they make choking noses, the scrunch up, they wheeze, they sounds like they’re coughing up the guts.

Then suddenly – spew – out comes a poo shaped mush of hair and slime. The colour of the hairball depends on the colour of your cat. My white cat spews out greyish coloured hairballs. My black cat spews out very dark black hair balls and my tortie cat spews brown coloured ones.

Whilst it’s pretty much impossible to stop hair balls completely – after all, they are covered in fur – we can give them a helping hand. There are various treats that help with hair or furballs; some are crunchy biscuit style and malt in a tube is also popular.

I loved how convenient this deodorant like hairball lickstick from Petkin looked:

Cat Furball Malt Remedy: Petkin Hairball Lickstick Review

Cats can lick the product right from the stick – but as we cat mommas know, kitties do no always do what we tell them to do!

This product from Petkin (a common high street pet brand in the UK and USA) is malt based.

The ingredients are: Malt Extract, Petrolatum, Purified Water, Monoglyceride, Vitamin E, Sodium Stearate, and Sodium Benzoate.

Cat Furball Malt Remedy: Petkin Hairball Lickstick Review

(Note: Notice there is Petrolatum in the ingredients. I was told that Petrolatum and Butter can also be used as hairball remedies as long as your cat can stomach it. I preferred to give them something with some flavour rather than plan vaseline!).

Kitteh chose to play ball – at least one of them anyway – with the lick stick. Infact Kitteh licked so enthusiastically that she didn’t know when to stop! Luckily you can swivel out the desired amount (there is a guide on the back of the tube to tell you how much to use per cat).

One problem is that you have to hold the stick down if they lick it straight from the tube. It is not solid enough to stand up on its own during licking! And some cats dislike eating things if your hand is too close, because they tend to like things to be private.

Although this product is in a stick form, it is very soft. It’s stiff enough to swivel out but once you add some pressure to it, it will squish down like vaseline. It also feels like vaseline.

It has a very strong malt smell – it’s quite nice, not at all unpleasant. The cats didn’t seemed turned off by this at all.

The product:

Whoops – looks like I am swearing!

I have to say – whilst cats are extremely individual and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why a cat likes or dislikes something – every one of my kitties liked this, and that is very rare! Usually only 1 cat will like 1 kind of treat.

Most of the other cats were too mistrusting to lick straight from the stick – maybe they don’t like other cats saliva, so I put this product on their noses (just a dot) or on the paw. This is a great way to make sure they will lick the product up without having to put it on a plate.

The nose technique demonstrated here:

Cat Furball Malt Remedy: Petkin Hairball Lickstick Review

Don’t put the product too high up the nose – they won’t be able to reach it all.

Also don’t place too much on the nose and make sure you don’t put it in the nostrils! Watch them until all the malt has gone.

Another thing you can do is dot some on the paw:

Inevitably, they will give the paw a shake, then they will have the product. I wouldn’t recommend the malt stick on the paw on a white cat or on a long haired cat – it can stain a little and really cling to the fur, but it worked great on the short haired cats.

I have noticed that there have been fewer hairballs this week since they had this product, and when there as one, it seemed to come up easily.

Note: This product can be taken 1-3 times per week between meels. Follow the dosage guidance on the back of the tube and it can be used on kittens over 6 weeks over.

I paid £3.99 for this on eBay.

Have you ever given this to your kitty? Or what hairball products do you recommend?

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Nyan Cat on YouTube and all that other Nyan Cat Videos!

Published on by Mommacat

I am a cat lover, for sure, but I’m not sure if internet sensation, Nyan Cat makes me want to cuddle a kitten or put one in a blender. I’m undecided.

Here is the original Nyan Cat:

Then there is the man who dressed up as Nyan Cat (but is facing the wrong way…ahem)…

Not impressed by the human dressed as a cat? How about a cat imitating a, er, cat?

Finally a rather clever piano arrangement of Nyan Cat:

What do you think? Love or hate Nyan Cat?

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Cat Review Johnson’s Sweet Breath Tablets Review by CJ

Published on by CJ7

Mummy said my breath stinks like tuna and she scrunched her nose up.

Then one day mum brought home this breath tablets by Johnson’s. It has a dog on the front. I don’t like dogs.

Cat Review Johnson’s Sweet Breath Tablets Review by CJ

This sweet breath tablet is green – bright green because mum says it contains chlorophyll and mint. I sniffed it and it made my whiskers twitch – I really, really, really hate mint. My sisters hate mint too whenever I smell my mums breath after she brushed her teeth it makes me shiver.

I would not have this and not one of my sisters or my brother would take it because we all hate mint very much. Mum said it was a waste of money because none of us would eat it tablet and she looked a bit mad and then she gave it away to someone with a dog. Poor dog.

Marks: I gives it 1/5 paws because we all hated it more than we hate worming tablets and those are yukky too.

Love, CJ.

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